Hi, I'm Ian from San Francisco. Welcome to my art world. I am a mixed media artist, mostly collaging with paper; sometimes on furniture. Also featuring some clothing and a link to my brand's website. All materials in my work are upcycled. I studied renewable energy as an undergraduate and art is become my connection the field. I want to help re-define "trash", and the high turnover of our consumerism. I use bright colors and conflicting images to offer a visual puzzle. Spreading ideas of sustainability and critical thinking are core to my practice.

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25% of All Sales are donated to


Defend our Future is a non-profit dedicated to empowering young people to advance environmental justice and clean energy and climate solutions that grow our economy and protect the world for future generations. 

Some are for the public,  custom holiday helps friends unlock their creativity together, and maybe someday there will be a penny project v.2 


One old and one new to help us think about how far we have come, or not. It's important to keep daily injustices in our scope. To cast them aside is priviledge. 

Penny Project 

Is bending over to pick up a penny worth it? I put 10,000 together, with help; all heads-up, for luck.  It was a busy Sunday morning and people asked questions. The money was swept up for a good cause. 

Custom Holiday

What do you want on yours? I'll bring you images. Scissors. Irons. Drinks. Music. Collaboration. 

The events idea is to help share and spread creative energy.