053 Rona

053 Rona


Paper on cardboard

22.5 x 32.5 in (including frame)

57 x 82.5 cm


Sections of faces on the torso of a creepy man holding a doll on red patterned images of purses and interior designs pictures.


The frame inspired a portrait piece. I compiled faces and red patterned images for the background. As I looked at the portraits I had collected, I did not know how they were going to fit together best. I thought of slivers of a pie, or parallel strips, but it became a much more organic process of puzzling them together. Time and time again I re-learn that the best way images fit together is by respecting each one individually first, then piecing it together with others.


I made this at the beginning of Madrid's 2020 Covid-19 quarantine. It is both elegant and shattered. My apartment becomes a cell when I think about gravity of this pandemic and its potential endurance. But the time at home is also an opportunity when I think about the freedom of a day without obligation.