067 Catan

067 Catan


Paper on Paper

20.5 x 23.5 in

52 x 60 cm


Champagne, a smiley face balloon, cars, game pieces, alternative paths and obstacles on playing cards, on black. 


This is my second board game collage. I found the playing cards; 19 of them. I wanted to make this piece more interactive, so for the first time, I offered three dimensional elements. This new, more pronounced texture aims to draw the viewer in. I wanted to make present many connections so the viewer can create their own path through the game. 


There is a starting square and a finish line, but maybe yours are different than mine. You have your stratagy, and I have mine; let's see whose proves more efficient. Just because our respective focuses are different, does not mean one is wrong. However, there is only one winner in this game.