094 Spotlight

094 Spotlight


Paper on Canvas

36 x 36 in

91.5 x 91.5 cm


Piece is sold as a pair with "093 Spotlight". Both pieces are mounted in gold floating frames.

Cameras from PC Photo and Outdoor Photographer in two settings. Forest is on photos from a roll of film I shot in GGP's arboreetum and Spotight is on pages from National Geographic's Everest issue where a loan vacant pillar stands.


I have been collecting the cameras for some time now with the idea for Spotlight in mind. The first canvas I had settled on proved too small for the overwhelming number of cameras I realized I had. I had these thoughts while the two frames from goodwill were barely within eye sight at the other side of the room. Then one idea became two; what is the opposite of not wanting to be there when you have everyone's attention? Forest:The backgrounds went down first. For Spotlight I wanted blue, and for Forest it was going to be underwater (for a muted feel) or in thick green plant life. Then I found my old roll of film. I chose to highlight some of the puzzle pieces of the background by connecting them to make sense. This was me honoring a project from more than a decade ago that I never tackled. I made red pencil marks of a star twice, and of the inner circle once. The pillar took some perspective research, and I knew I wanted it to be one of the most detailed parts of the piece.


So many times you can feel full of expression and confidence and no one is around to see you shine. Then, you are at the highest stage with all the audience to lift you higher and you are a vacuum. A celebrity and a hermit sit next to one another in your head's cockpit, but sometimes the wrong one answers the phone. I'd rather rest in between the spotlight and the forest; it is a tight rope.