033 Mod

033 Mod


50.5 x 68 cm / 20 x 27 in 

Paper on Particle Board


Spongebob children´s books cutouts and rips from spanish cuisine magazines on nature cutouts.


The piece started with the Spongebob content; the question was how did I want to use it. The idea came to me while I was walking my roommate's dog, Pipa: Spongebob X Pokemon. The finished piece could also be seen as the Death Star, I like that. After the background, I started with the buttom, then the bottom of the ball filled with food columns, then the cluster of underwater cartoons.


I love the mashing up of two popular worlds. I think if you liked one, you most likely enjoyed the other, but maybe not. I enjoyed playing with the idea of hunting the spongebobs and pokemon alike. The eyes of the cut outs aided this feeling of paranoia. I rewatched the Hunger Games recently and it shows. While many of the sets of eyes are focused on a potential threat, they are missing another.