057 War and Symphony

057 War and Symphony


27.5 x 19cm / 11 x 7 in

Paper on a Book Cover


Swirly yellow paper on Spongebob's arms holding a gibberish note spliced with a hostage situation on images of war and music being watched by a conductor and sculptures of heads on a Spanish encyclopedia book cover.


The center images started the idea when their fitting together became a possibility in my head. I entertained many options at the extensions of the arms: a bicycle, a staff, a gun, a pencil; but wanted to keep it simple. The background images were meant to be opposite similar to the red and white in the letter we are reading.


I thought about what your options are if you recieve a random note for someone you loved. I took it to the extremes with war and symphony. Like having an angel and devil on either shoulder, testing your ethics.