036 Worlds Apart

036 Worlds Apart


66.5 x 45 cm / 26 x 18 in

Paper on Press board


Seven profiles and stripes of stimulus on assorted paper and deep sea spaces between some of the good things in life; food and music.


The idea started with the black and white image of a woman looking to the left. I then looked for an image to balance the right side, and ended up using many. I had the idea for the general layout, but the images found themselves into the piece. Food and music are the worlds that join the couple looking in opposite directions. They are both hypnotized by the colors before them; perhaps missing the bigger picture.


The distractions of the world get between people, and sometimes it feels impossible to block out the noise to focus on a relationship. Sometimes the things that connect two people are misplaced and other parts of life take more attention than anyone wants. A concious effort to stay grounded and centered lends itself to healthy communication, which is under a microscope when worlds apart.